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Se dice que dentro de cada lago, laguna o estanque en Florida hay por lo menos un caimán, esta vez uno de ellos decidió salir!

El pasado jueves la agentes de HCSO lo hicieron de nuevo, lograron regresar a un alligator que estaba debajo de un carro a un estanque de manera segura, pero esta vez utilizando una escoba! Esto sucedió en un vecindario en Tampa.


Wheaton Gator 2

GOOD NEWS SUNDAY: Deputy Wheaton saved another gator!!! 🐊 That's right... the same deputy from the beginning of April that helped relocate a 10-foot gator ended up at another gator call that was oddly very similar! We've officially changed her name to Crocodile Dun-Wheatee 😂 On Thursday, Deputy Wheaton, Deputy Noland and Deputy Morrey responded to a call for a gator under a car in a Tampa neighborhood in District I. The gator was approximately 4-foot and had wondered from a nearby pond located behind the homes. It was found taking a snooze in the shade under a car. Deputy Wheaton was determined to get the gator back to its pond. She was using a broom to navigate it in the correct direction and eventually, the gator latched onto the broom and went for a joy ride to the pond. Deputy Wheaton pulled it back home safely — no one was injured. Again, we want to remind you it's that time of year! It's mating season and in general, gators become more visible and active during the spring and summer. #teamHCSO wants to make sure you know what to do in the event you find yourself in a similar situation as this one! 🚨 Keep a safe distance 🚨 Keep your pets on a leash and away from the water’s edge🚨 Swim only in designated swimming areas during the daylight (gators are most active between dusk and dawn)🚨 NEVER feed a gator🚨 Call our non-emergency number at 813-247-8200 or call FWC's toll-free Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-392-4296Great work, District 1! #HillsboroughCounty #FloridaGator #Alligators #FWC #FloridaFishAndWildlifeConservation #HCSO #HCSOd1 #Gator #Aligator #MatingSeason #HCSOgns #GoodNewsSunday

Posted by Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, May 2, 2021