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Featured CheckpointXP Tampa Streamer

We talked with Tampa Streamer Leo Deluxe about his motivations and aspirations!

Q: How’d you get into streaming? What was the original goal?
A: I’ve always found the idea of just sitting in your house, playing games, and entertaining others across the world very fascinating. In the streaming community, you are your own boss. You create the deadlines and the goals and what you do. No matter what game you play, there will always be a community linked to that game that will watch your streams or listen to you while you try to be the best at what you do. My original goal for getting into the world of streaming was to put my name out there. I want to make an impact on others and I want my way of entertainment to be able to brighten up anyone’s day.

Q: What’s been your best moment as a streamer?
A: When streaming, you love to see who tunes in to your content. When you first begin, you may get a few people, maybe 3 or 4, per stream that will come up on a consistent basis. But as your community begins to grow, so does your fanbase. Many more people come in and some of the older fans show up much less and eventually, you don’t see them anymore. When I stream and I get to see those older fans come back and relive nostalgic moments and very memorable achievements, it’s like they’ve always been there. It develops a strong bond between the streamer and the audience that is extremely indescribable.

Q: What games really speak to you?
A: My channel is dedicated to a game called ‘Geometry Dash’. I’ve been playing this game since Elementary school and it’s made me a whole lot of new friends. The community is fairly small, so when I began my life in the streamer world, I was able to acquire a decent audience fairly quickly. The audience is filled with very nice people who stay and watch as I push forward and complete pretty difficult levels that your average player won’t be able to complete as efficiently.

Q: How do you like connecting with your audience? What tool do you use most (chat, Twitter, Discord, etc.)?
A: I mainly connect with the audience through my chat feed in live streams. I’ll talk to most of them on discord, as well, but the main focus has always been the live streams. I’m able to talk to these people in real-time while attempting to reach a certain goal, such as building or completing a level. I’ll create polls to ask the audience what they want to see during my next few streams, so that also helps with keeping them into the content and what I do.

Q: If your fans were only going to take one message away from watching you, what would you want that to be?
A: Never give up. When it comes to the game that I play on my streams, there is so much patience and devotion and dedication that I need in order to complete my goal. I might spend hours, days, weeks, or even months on a very difficult level until I eventually complete it. When it comes to this kind of patience, you can not give up. You have to push forward in doing what you want to do so that you can possibly do something even greater.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring streamers?
A: Listen to the audience. Those are the people who will be tuning in to your streams and who will be providing a stable base for your content. Make sure the quality of the stream is good: visually, auditorily, and enjoyability. You always want your audience to stay through the stream so that you can continue to connect to them and give them a reason to support you. When it comes to streaming, the viewers are THE most important part.

Q: What’s been one of the biggest surprises that you never thought of going into streaming?
A: As I’ve been streaming for the past 3 years, I never could grasp the thought of maybe someone who has a much bigger fanbase and a much bigger name in the community coming to and supporting my streams just like the viewers. I’ve had a few big names in the Geometry Dash community show up to my videos and streams and it has absolutely stunned me each time. Also, the connection you build with the fanbase can be much greater than being just a fan. Some of the people who show up to my streams eventually became close friends of mine. They bring you up and push you to do your best.

Q: For those who don’t know, how can they find you? (Social/Twitch/YouTube)
A: I stream on YouTube under the name LeoDeluxe. You can also find me on insta @iileodeluxe and on twitter @leo_deluxe

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