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Según reportó WFLA News Channel 8, el pastor de la iglesia Access Church, Jason Burns, está lleno de emoción luego de anunciar a su congregación el domingo pasado que logró recaudar dinero y pagar $ 1.62 millones en deudas médicas a la comunidad.

???? Goodbye, Medical Debt!

This week, Access Church paid for $1,620,799.58 of deeply deferred medical debt in Lakeland to be COMPLETELY ELIMINATED!Our church partnered with an organization who was able to pinpoint people in Lakeland who were in extreme need of medical debt relief – people who were financially insolvent or whose income is less than half of the federal poverty line. Then, the organization bought large amounts of debt in bulk and our giving eliminated the debt immediately. That’s how it worked!Out of the $3 million+ of deeply deferred medical debt in Lakeland, we were able to eliminate over half of it! This means that 1,315 people in Lakeland received a letter this week saying that their debt was erased because of Access Church. The goal is to provide financial relief to families in our community to help give them a fresh start.Thank you members of Access Church for your generosity. You’re making a difference in our city and in the world!

Posted by Access Church on Sunday, November 17, 2019

Fuente: WFLA News Channel 8