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Unos juguetones delfines hicieron tremendo show cerca de St. Pete Beach esta semana y todo quedó en video.

Un hombre grabó un video esta semana de delfines luciéndose mientras daban saltos y volteretas muy por encima del agua.

Más tarde, los delfines practicaron sus habilidades pateando peces, una técnica de caza común que resulta muy efectiva para los mamíferos marinos que cazan en las aguas cerca de St. Pete Beach.



Playful dolphins jumping and kicking fish

Playful dolphins jumping and kicking fish... The dolphins were going off yesterday. Lots of jumping and fish kicking. One dolphin attempted a back flip, but clearly needed more practice :-) Fish kicking is possibly the most common hunting technique used by dolphins in the St Pete area and it's very effective. Some dolphins are much better at it than others and it takes the calves a long time to learn it. Dolphins kick the fish with their tails. It stuns or injures the fish so it's easy to grab when it lands. This video shows the first time I've seen a dolphin kick a fish repeatedly. Practice makes perfect! ..#dolphins #nature #boat #clearboat #boating #awesome #amazing #ocean #fish #fishing #outdoors #florida #stpete #tampa #animals #wildlife #naturephotography #torqeedo #drone #aerialvideo #dolphin

Posted by See Through Canoe on Thursday, November 7, 2019